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Back from SDCC! Exclusives Update

SDCC was a whirlwind this year. It was my first time exhibiting at this event (after being an attendee for years) and I'm happy to report that it was a success and Night Cake/The Beast Is Back will definitely be returning in 2017. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to stop by last week.

Now for the exclusives round-up...

The three exclusives I had for SDCC 2016 included:
1) Ghost Treat
2) Great Demon King
3) Evil Turtle

All came on a special holofoil backer, were an edition of 100, and cost $10. The "Ghost Treat" pin is completely sold out unfortunately, but I have dozen or so copies of the other two exclusives still.

A few other pins designs have also sold out at the show. Those items have also been updated in the store.

The remaining stock of the other two exclusive pins will be on sale Wednesday, July 27 at 10am PST. 

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